My Workshop on Law 2 Grace…

I have a workshop for Churches– on moving from Law 2 Grace…You may contact me via Contact page for getting the same done at any place of your choice in Bangalore/Kerala/Chennai/nearby locations/through Web in case outside India…

Following are the basic details of the workshop.

  • Theme for the full workshop: ‘How can a young man/women keep his way pure?’ (Psalm 119:9)

It can be on 3 separate Sunday evenings- 1.5 hours each – since the full workshop has 3 segments

  • 1st Sunday – ‘Elementary teachings about Christ-Fundamentals for a strong foundation’ (base verse Hebrews 6:1-3)
  • 2nd Sunday- ‘Moving from Milk to the Word of Righteousness’ (base verse Hebrews 5:13-14)
  • 3rd Sunday- Fruits of Righteousness-Righteousness in action in practical daily life of a believer.

Apart from the above workshop, I offer Translation service in Bangalore, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Andra- for translation from Malayalam to English for Malayalee preachers…

For each day’s workshop, there will be a theme, main points & verse sheet given to the participants- I have attached soft copies for the 1st Sunday in this article and according to the number of expected participants, you can print the same. There will also be 1 survey form, which is also attached.

Let me also share with you how I started out- on searching out Grace & Righteousness…

It all started when I came across the teaching on Righteousness in the word. Not righteousness that is based on our works, but a righteousness that is imputed on us by God, when we believe in the finished work of Jesus. After studying on the topic I came to understand that this righteousness is a revelation that was largely shared by Paul in the epistles, and has been the central pivot for the reformation under Martin Luther that birthed the whole protestant movement.

But the teaching on righteousness is one of the most difficult topics for an un-renewed mind to understand. The word makes it plain, based on Hebrews 5:11 till Heb 6.3 – that teaches on:

  1. Repentance from dead works,
  2. Faith toward God,
  3. Instruction about baptisms
  4. Laying on of hands,
  5. Resurrection of the dead and
  6. Eternal judgment

The above 6 are just foundational teachings- which is likened to milk for babies; and the solid food for the Spiritually matured is said to be- ‘the teaching about righteousness’!

Hence there are 7 teachings that have to be emphasized- 6 for the babies + 1 for the mature (since it is solid food- which cannot be as easily digested as milk)!

The way the Teaching on Righteousness is projected these days is popularly through the Grace movement- that are being pioneered by the likes of Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack and so many others.

But often it is not known to normal believers that -this is not a new teaching, rather it was extremely strong in the Christian circles from the time of Martin Luther till 19th Century– when suddenly under the unveiling & global explosion of the Pentecostal & Charismatic movements and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (which was dormant from the time of apostles)- this teaching took a backseat for the last 100+ years!

In this context I find truth in what Martin Luther once said- …“we need to relearn the gospel every day, since we are so prone to forget it…”

In fact if you trace back this trail of the Gospel of Grace: one would find extensive writings on same from Paul to Martin Luther (1483) to John Bunyan (1628) to Horatius Bonar (1808),Charles Spurgeon (1834),  DL Moody (1837), EW Kenyon  (1867) and Watchman Nee (1903)- before losing out steam on the topic, till a recent revival under a largely- ‘Grace’ movement pioneered these days- largely post 2000- by Joseph Prince, Max LucadoAndrew Wommack, Paul Ellis, Philip Yancey, Brennan Manning, Steve McVey, Andrew Farley and Bill Johnson among others.

There are people who think that the following quote was said by Joseph Prince first- ‘Right Believing Leads To Right Living‘ – but it is a statement first made by none other than Spurgeon!

Other that the above list of obvious grace preachers, there are others who were law-oriented in their preaching who have shifted towards a grace-oriented perspective in the later parts of their ministry- most prominent being Derek Prince & in the current list of preachers-even Creflo Dollar & Kenneth Copeland .

If you read some of the earliest books & listen to older sermons by Derek Prince, it is largely legalistic in flavor and a tad judgmental in language- but I need to bring to your attention to an amazing book on Grace by none other than Derek Prince- By Grace Alone: Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism from Your Life. In general Br. Dereks older book have a legalistic flavor, but this book was a total revelation for me! He had written it towards the end of his life & it was published 10 years after his death- I guess it also portrays the journey from Law to Grace in the life of a well meaning man of God like Derek. You can read about it at LINK. You can also find the same revelation on grace he had in the following videos: LINK

Hence you can see that there has been a groundswell towards this direction post 2000 abroad, but not so much in India or Kerala, and so I have developed this workshop for sharing in Churches in India, where I am invited for the same.

Please contact me through the Contact page for arranging such a session in your church/Youth group/Camps/Retreats…


Jesus said about John the Baptist- ”I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John” (Luke 7:28), but this very John when asked who he was, answered: I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness (John 1:23)just the voice…

So what do I say about me? …If John was the voice, I am the echo of the voice of Grace from the time of Paul till date- reverberating the same voices once again in the present century, and in that, I can do greater things- since Jesus completed what he said as: …”the one who is least in the (new covenant) kingdom of God is greater than he.” (Luke 7:28)…

Professionally, I work in IIM Bangalore and is based out of Bangalore. For more details you can look through: Linkedin & Facebook

You can also view my art at: 

(I have tried some singing as well, you can listen few songs at: LINK )

God Bless!

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