5-Star Grace Books…


Every grace book listed below has received at least 100 five-star reviews on Amazon. To learn about the judgment calls made in compiling this list, read this post. If you know of any grace book that should be on this list, let us know and we’ll add it.

Books are listed by date of publication (oldest first).

 Classic Christianity, by Bob George (1989)
What’s So Amazing About Grace, by Philip Yancey (Feb 2002)
 Grace Walk, by Steve McVey (May 2005)
The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning (June 2005)
Destined to Reign, by Joseph Prince (July 2007)
He Loves Me, by Wayne Jacobsen (Aug 2007)
The Naked Gospel, by Andrew Farley (Aug 2009)
Unmerited Favor, by Joseph Prince (Feb 2010)
 Destined to Reign Devotional, by Joseph Prince (Oct 2011)
The Cure, by Lynch et al. (Dec 2011)
Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater than We Imagine, by Max Lucado (Sep 2012)
The Gospel in Ten Words, by Paul Ellis (Sept 2012)
Jesus Is, by Judah Smith (Feb 2013)
The Power of Right Believing, by Joseph Prince (Oct 2013)
 The Hyper-Grace Gospel, by Paul Ellis (April 2014)

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List of Present-day Grace Preachers…

The first list below (in alphabetical order) is taken from: LINK & there are more mentioned in the comments

  1. Andrew Farley (Church without Religion)
  2. Andrew Wommack (Andrew Wommack Ministries)
  3. Chris Kratzer (Chriskratzer.com)
  4. Clark Whitten (Grace Church Orlando)
  5. Connie Witter (Because Of Jesus Ministries)
  6. Daniel דניּאל (Awesome Good News Grace)
  7. Daniel Silva (Saints Not Sinners)
  8. Jeff Turner (Sound of Awakening Ministries)
  9. John Crowder (The New Mystics)
  10. John J. Withington (Grace Revolution Ministries)
  11. John W. Reed (All The Time Ministries)
  12. Jonathan Welton (The Welton Academy)
  13. Joseph Prince (Joseph Prince Ministries)
  14. Joyner Briceño (Joyner Briceño Ministries)
  15. Makala Doulos (Psalm 16:11)
  16. Paul Ellis (EscapeToReality)
  17. Paul White (Paul White Ministries)
  18. Phil Drysdale (Phil Drysdale Ministries)
  19. Richard Murray (The Goodness of God)
  20. Rob Rufus (City Church International)
  21. Stephen Edwards (The Grace Space)
  22. Steve McVey (Grace Walk)
  23. Tullian Tchividjian (Liberate)

The 2nd list given below is taken from: LINK – again there are more mentioned in the comments. You will also notice few who are common in both lists.  Continue reading

Book on teachings of Grace…

‘Grace the-forbidden-gospel’– This is a book on various teachings of Grace compiled and analyzed in detail- by Andre van der Merwe. The Full PDF can be downloaded from: LINK

The good thing about the book is that it covers most topics under Grace in short & without fluff- mentioning all relevant points & bible verses…

But let me warn you, this is not an easy book to read, it might feel a bit dry and deep at times & it will take a lot (of grace) to get this entire teaching into your inner man…but as always, I will also suggest the following: “…examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good…” 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (NASB) & Acts 17:11.

A slightly smaller version of the book- with the first 5 pages including the cover removed is previewed below. You can navigate the PDF preview using ur laptop arrow keys..God Bless!