Spirit, Soul & Body – Andrew Wommack:

From Spirit, Soul & Body book- by Andrew Wommack:

This book by Brother Andrew brings to light few more fundamental truths of the word, which is dealt very well in this book- namely the Triune man, who is made in the image of the Triune God…ssb Continue reading


Paul Ellis -The Hyper-Grace Gospel…

…A Response to Michael Brown and Those Opposed to the Modern Grace Message.

The section on 12 Myths about the Hyper-Grace Gospel is very useful. Contents include:

Myth 1: Hyper-grace preachers are against repentance
Myth 2: Hyper-grace preachers are against confession
Myth 3: The hyper-grace gospel is universalism in disguise
Myth 4: Hyper-grace preachers say it’s wrong to ask God for forgiveness
Myth 5: Hyper-grace preachers say God is not grieved by your sin
Myth 6: Hyper-grace preachers are against the law
Myth 7: Hyper-grace preachers ignore the Old Testament
Myth 8: Hyper-grace preachers disregard the words of Jesus
Myth 9: The hyper-grace gospel encourages sin
Myth 10: The hyper-grace gospel discourages obedience and holy living
Myth 11: Hyper-grace preachers don’t talk about hell and wrath
Myth 12: The hyper-grace gospel makes people lazy


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