DEREK PRINCE -By Grace Alone…

Below are excerpts from- ‘BY GRACE ALONE- FINDING FREEDOM AND PURGING LEGALISM FROM YOUR LIFE’, by  DEREK PRINCE5f99b9839f89632c0493290c9e159aef

To set a flavour to the book, i quote just 3 statements below made by Bro. Derek:

  • “I believe legalism is the greatest single problem of the Christian Church.”…
  • “The ultimate purpose of this book is for you to discover what does and does not matter in your Christian walk. I believe for each of us, this is a matter of critical importance.”
  • “Confusion on this issue is the root of most of our problems.”

Brother Derek Prince is one among those preachers who had shifted towards a grace-oriented perspective in the later parts of their ministry.If you read some of the earliest books & listen to his older sermons, they are largely legalistic in flavor and a tad judgmental in language- but I need to bring to your attention to this amazing book on Grace by none other than Derek Prince- By Grace Alone: Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism from Your Life. In general Br. Dereks older book have a legalistic flavor, but this book was a total revelation for me! He had written it towards the end of his life & it was published 10 years after his deathI guess it also portrays the journey from Law to Grace in the life of a well meaning man of God like Derek. His ministry also publishes a free study guide on same available at: LINK . You can also find the same revelation on grace he had in the 2 video links: Video 1  & Video 2 Continue reading